Mark Roethlisberger

1960 he was borne in Melbourne. All the time his professional life took place in the architectural scene.

He started his career as a architectural draftsman in Switzerland. Later on he did a study as a construction manager. In 2000 he went for a training as a real estate consultant by REIQ in Coorparoo (QLD).

His photographic career extend now over 18 years, based in Switzerland. For five years he was a succesful member of the SBF (Swiss professional photographer and photo designers), before he had moved to Perth. Now his back again in big expectation, having a successful start and career.


My definition of the architecture photographie:

The implementation and conversion from the 3-d architectural art in a 2-dimensional design and creation for a realisitic photographic interpretation.

My photographs never feel sterile or overproduced and my frequent inclusion of people in the images remind us, that sophisicated architecture can or must be remeant to live in. The images are clear and simple. It makes browsing through, a tour of light and shadow, structures and lines.

My clients are first of all architects, general contractors, local communities, companies and private persons.


Grab a cup of tea and let inspire yourself through my work.